Posted by: mommytoo | September 18, 2007

my first post

our baby is due april 11, 2008.  amazing!  my partner is pregnant and we are so thrilled.  it has made total sense to us that d would get pregnant first — and it’s fun to watch her experience this miracle.  it turns out, though, that there are some challenges that come with being a non-bio mom.

not the least of which is that there are very few role models!  i’m sure plenty of lesbians have communities in which there are many non-bio moms to talk with about the experience.  i’m not that lucky, though… we have friends who are lesbians, but not many with kids.  how does this work?  how do i handle everything i’m feeling — protectiveness, envy, joy, fear, anxiety, impatience, overflowing love.  this baby is so wanted, so waited for — why doesn’t it feel like roses and butterflies every day?  what happens if i get tired of d’s morning sickness?  how do i keep myself from getting bossy and telling her what to do (and what not to do)?  is it too early to shop?  should we find out the sex?  how will we find the perfect name?  how can we trust anyone to catch this precious life?  and how can i possibly wait another 30 weeks???

 but first… grocery shopping!


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