Posted by: mommytoo | September 23, 2007

i’m fine, thanks.

i’m getting really sick of people asking “how’s mommy doing?” when they want to know how d is feeling.   in general, i can roll with the punches on this stuff, i think.  i mean i knew what i was getting myself into, marrying a woman and getting her pregnant.  not to be redundant, but I’M A MOMMY TOO.  people don’t get it, and when they ask about the pregnancy, they’re trying.  sometimes people are uncomfortable, and they don’t know what to say because they are excited for me, but – well – uncomfortable.  i’ve only been at my job a few months, so a lot of people are learning i’m married to a woman at the same time that they learn that woman is pregnant.

i feel like i spend way too much time making excuses for other people, though.  i have a new motto about these issues, which is that in this day and age, i should be able to expect more than tolerance.  i’m starting to hate that word! 

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