Posted by: mommytoo | September 25, 2007


today d and i went to yet another midwifery practice.  it was so-so.  we waited almost an hour and a half!  i met another woman who said that happens every single time.  the midwife was good, but the place doesn’t feel quite right.  the problem is that the place with the bad midwife is so fantastic, other than her.

 now the good news… we heard the heartbeat!  it was just as magical as i always imagined.  for some reason i didn’t think the midwife would be able to find it, probably because it seemed too good to be true.  i suddenly had this FLASH of what’s going on in there.  that’s going on every moment of every day, and that little baby has no idea who is waiting out here!

we met up with a friend for brunch afterwards, and de-briefed with her.  she’s a women’s health nurse practitioner, and a great resource in all this as we are making decisions.  we have to figure out prenatal care!  but we did decide one thing, which is that e is going to be our doula.  i’m so pleased!


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