Posted by: mommytoo | September 27, 2007


d talked to the clinical director at the birth center where we really want to have our dream come true (where the midwife couldn’t get her foot out of her mouth).  from the report, it sounds like she was apologetic, but not SO satisfyingly so.  it isn’t apologies that we need — what we really want is assurance that the visit was an anomaly.  no one can guarantee that, but i want an effort at the very least!  we will have to sit down with the midwife at some point, because if we do have the baby there, murphy’s law assures she will be the one catching the baby.

meanwhile, i had a good conversation with a trusted philadelphian lesbian who gave birth there, and unfortunately she wasn’t totally shocked about what happened.  she did say that in her experience, they respond well to criticism and issues that come up.  she also said that, given the choices in philly, she would probably give birth there again if she got pregnant again.  she said she would do it with a doula (check), and would benefit from the knowledge she got the first time.  i do have more knowledge than most people, that is definitely on our side.

i don’t know if the perfect person and place are out there.  i think this is a wonderful environment, and that’s a start.  as long as we have resources to help us work through the flaws, i think we’ll make it work.


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