Posted by: mommytoo | October 8, 2007

speaking of shopping…

we’ve had a great little subaru impreza for several years now, first a silver one and now an adorable icy blue one.  it’s an unusual color and we think it’s the cutest little guy.  last summer we got a 10 year old saturn stationwagon, basically a commuter car because i started working and having school at night.  lately the saturn kind of sucks… it’s broken down with a few different problems, and even though our mechanic fixed the problem, neither one of us ever wanted to drive it.  the subaru is the one we take when we go away.

then there’s the issue of the little pipsqueak on the way!  obviously we need two reliable cars, and at least one needs to be able to fit a baby with baby seat, an energetic 45 lb dog, 2 overpacking women, and all the stuff babies need when they travel!  we seem to take road trips at least once a month, give or take.  so, we figured it was time to take the plunge and be that lesbian couple.  you know the one… not just one but two subarus, one of which has a grate in back to keep their pit bull, both of which have baby seats.  last week we bit the bullet.

here’s our new car!  i am driving the little impreza, ’cause i like driving small cars and it’s a stick shift which i prefer, and i just love it (except it needs a good cleaning).  d loves how the forrester sits up nice and high, she chose the color (dark gray metallic)



  1. We have one of those too – in red! Robin (the Other Mother)

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