Posted by: mommytoo | October 13, 2007

october 11 was national coming out day.

thursday was a really rough day.  i was busy as hell, and felt more emotional than i usually do at work.

lately d and i are so busy and tired and d is feeling so sick and there are just a million things to be stressed about.  make that a million and one.  i had the previous two days off and i guess i got some stuff done, but why doesn’t my to-do list look any shorter???  this seems to be adulthood.

toward the end of my day, i got a text message from d, announcing that we were exactly six months from our due date.  my heart leapt.  six more months till my greatest dream comes true.  i came home and made myself dinner while d worked late.  she came home, we cuddled up to watch tv for an hour, then went to bed and fell asleep in an instant.

it doesn’t really seem like the right way to celebrate, or even mark, national coming out day.  d did go to an event on the campus where she works, and that’s something.  on the other hand, though, what better day to mark our lives as lesbians than a completely typical, all-american day?  we’re tired, we’re stressed, we miss each other.  we have a mortgage, utility payments, the dog needs to be walked.  we count the days till our baby will be here.  we spend weekends traveling, or hanging out with friends, or just reading the paper.  we often say we subvert the subervisiveness, by being so traditional in our lives!  it’s a gift to be able to live the life i want, without worrying whether i’m doing right by the leftist movement (having secured my status by marrying a woman).

and what of my coming out?  well, it was anticlimactic, thanks to my parents’ progressive values and poker faces.  now there is the daily coming out, which is a bigger challenge. 


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