Posted by: mommytoo | October 15, 2007

fall days

i’m in a great mood today.  it’s one of those days that i can appreciate beauty in the smallest things.  the produce at whole foods is gorgeous!  the leaves are changing, it’s warm and sunny but that fall smell is in the air.  i’d be okay with the weather being even cooler, because it’s mid-october and this is the northeast and you’d think shorts would be a thing of the past.  you’d think!

we had a prenatal visit this morning, back at the midwifery practice where we had that weird experience the first time.  we decided, after trying out another hospital-based place, that we were going to stick with our original plan.  i hope we’ll have an appointment with that weird midwife relatively soon, because a conversation does need to happen… before april!

so, our appointment today was great.  we saw a midwife we’d heard great things about.  she seems pretty laid back, but was definitely able to keep up with our energy.  and of course we got to listen to the heartbeat, which i could do all day.  d has still been really nauseous, especially in the morning, so we got a couple of ideas for that.  we already do ginger tea, but the midwife said to try vitamin b6.  she also said that unisom (the sleeping pill) is really good; just half a tab often works on the nausea, and shouldn’t knock her out completely.  the next step would be a prescription, first we’ll see how this goes.


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