Posted by: mommytoo | October 27, 2007

turn, turn, turn.

i’ve had one of those weeks when the cycle of life is making itself clear.  our dear friends s and c are welcoming baby mattea lily any day now, as soon as s’s cervix cooperates.  knowing it was getting under way, i had my phone in my pocket at work, on vibrate.  d called, and i snuck my phone out of my pocket and answered, ready for thrilling news.  but she was calling to tell me that a close friend of her family had died.  and because he was so old and had lived a life full of love, the cycle struck me more than it would if it had been someone young.  at the funeral, the man’s daughter told us it was great to have new life (with d as host) there with us.  i wonder if that is a lot of responsibility for d.

also.  obviously the baby (d is sure it is a boy, but it’s funny to think about a little girl in there, gurgling “i’m a girl!  stop calling me HE!”) is on my mind pretty much constantly.  almost everything i do, there’s this little pouch in my brain this is just thrilled, 24/7.  it’s like being newly in love, when everything you look at, you wonder what your new love would think.  my patient on thursday (i had just one, such is the joy of being a novice icu nurse) was really (really really) sick.  when someone’s pulses are very weak (that’s not a good thing), you have to find them with a doppler device.  it is probably obvious, but it’s the same little device the midwife uses to find pip’s heartbeat (more or less).  it’s an eerie feeling, digging around to find a pulse on someone’s wrists and feet, and using the same gadget that is used to confirm the life that is growing in your wife’s uterus.  total opposite experiences.

apparently, the little one is the size of a rubber ducky.  clearly, this poses some important questions.  most importantly:
Rubber Ducks to Buy WHICH ONE?!


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