Posted by: mommytoo | October 30, 2007

lazy fall day

for a feminist raised by a feminist raised by a feminist, i do enjoy the days defined by homey, wifey things.  nothing wrong with that, i say.  and my generation of feminists all about defining for ourselves what it means to be a feminist anyway.  working a full time schedule in 3 days will be fantastic for child care purposes, but in the mean time it’s fantastic for getting things done.  it means less time spent on boring things on weekends, and less time stressed at work because you don’t have time to make the phone calls, etc.  on my exciting list today:

hit up cvs: halloween candy, prescription, some other stuff
reinstate home security system (some scary robberies in the neighborhood recently)
call tivo (always takes longer than i want)
copy housekey and drop it off for the dogsitter (robberies make it a bad idea to hide it outside)
finish at least one online continuing ed class for work (due months ago)
make soup (d’s only craving besides apples, so it’s the least i can do)
drink coffee


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