Posted by: mommytoo | November 15, 2007

la la how the life goes on

nothing much to report on this chilly thursday night… just trucking along with life.  d still feels like crap, except now she is completely exhausted on top of just being sick to her stomach.  the good news is that monday is the 20 week ultrasound!  for me, the anatomy scan is a huge milestone.  it signifies halfway done with pregnancy and i can’t wait to see the little bell pepper (that’s right: bell pepper).  there’s a huge issue, of course, that comes with this scan!  we still haven’t decided whether to find out the sex.

we both go back and forth several times a week, changing our minds about whether we want to know.  we’ve asked lots of people and there are great reasons to find out, great reasons not to.  once you know, you can’t un-know.  i know, i know — that’s a brilliant observation.

i can’t wait for the weekend!  tomorrow night we’re having dinner with our bestests, then saturday seeing friends for brunch and more friends for dinner.  a girl could get to feeling pretty popular.  sunday: NO plans.  just me and my baby-mama, several animals, the new york times, hopefully some coffee from the place on the corner.  heaven on earth.



  1. You could always have the technician write the sex down on a piece of paper to take with you. Then you can keep talking about whether or not to know, but still have the means to know any time :)

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