Posted by: mommytoo | November 18, 2007


this week is thanksgiving!  obviously i have much to be grateful for this year.  not the least of which is the d had a prenatal visit on friday, and everything is going swimmingly.  i was working, and i hated not being there.  but they listened to the heartbeat, and d said it was so fast and strong.  150 beats per minute!  d asked if the midwife could tell if it’s a boy or a girl, and she said definitely not, but this is a fast heartbeat and “they” say that means a girl.  d weighed exactly the same as what she did at her first prenatal visit, which is just fine.  she had lost a few pounds, but her appetite has returned.  she’s working on vegetables, which are still totally unappealing to her.

this year thanksgiving will be a one day affair, as i’m working the day before and the day after.  and hanukkah is not long behind, it starts neither of us has much of a list this holiday season — which actually feels good.  of course we have lists and lists of things we want/need, but baby stuff is different!

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