Posted by: mommytoo | November 25, 2007

ho ho ho

this year’s holidays seem to be jinxed for me!  i had to work the day before and the day after thanksgiving, so we decided to drive up to nyc wednesday night and stay with d’s parents — then thanksgiving dinner was with family friends in new jersey.  afterwards, we had to go back to manhattan to get the dog, then drive back to philly so i could be at work early friday.  when we left thanksgiving, i just felt awful.  not sure why — just worn out, headache, and then nauseous.  SO nauseous.  got off the harlem river drive and had to pull over on 97th street, to throw up!  obviously i didn’t feel like i could get back in the car after that, so plans changed.  as for the rest of the holidays… 

at work we were asked to choose between working new years eve/new years day, or christmas eve/christmas day.  i signed up for new years, but got stuck with christmas because i am the newest.  i’m pretty upset about it.  i don’t see my family that much, and i love christmas.  we can still make the trip after the holiday, but i’m still just really disappointed.

in our house hanukkah is the main holiday, but d knows how i enjoy christmas and how disappointed i am.  last night when i got home from work she had put up christmas stockings!  so fun.  we’re trying to list the “pros” of working on christmas eve and christmas day, but sometimes it’s hard to look on the up side…


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