Posted by: mommytoo | November 25, 2007

it’s a…

it was so thrilling to see the ultrasound, but also overwhelming!  we decided to find out the sex, and told our friends and families — but somehow blogging about it has felt like a bit much.

until now!  it’s becoming more a part of our lives, ready to “go public” with our exciting news.  in that spirit…

it’s a boy!  we got this bouquet in the mail — all onesies and socks.  i won’t let d unravel any of the pieces though, because it’s so cute and i want it there until the baby comes!

a few weeks ago we found a changing table on our front porch — a friend had dropped it off.  it’s super heavy, way too heavy for a pregnant lady to carry half!  last night we had dinner with friends, and i enlisted one of them to help me get it upstairs.  heavy!  but today i took all the baby stuff we’ve gotten so far and put it in the drawers.  it looks so soft and cute!  it all feels more real every day.


  1. congratulations on having a son :)

  2. […] this post about our night with annie — it’s very us. 2. i remember that when i wrote this post, i mentioned a few friends in passing.  re-reading it, it makes me feel good, these references to […]

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