Posted by: mommytoo | November 30, 2007

i might be getting old

lately whenever i watch tv, i get totally outraged by the commercials.  there are a few different genres that bug me.  the ones where women’s lives are made complete by cleaning products.  the ones where men pretend that their wives run the show (you may know these as “oh, those silly men!” or “behind every good man is a great woman”).  plus i hate the ones where the men give their wives ugly jewelry and the wives pretend to like it.  but the ones that have been really getting under my skin are the video games!

the newest trend seems to be games that simulate another activity.  math, spelling — okay, maybe it makes it more fun for kids to use a gadget.  but what about the one that makes you think you’re bowling, playing tenns, etc?  they show people playing bocce on tv, and you can see a window behind them with the sun shining bright as can be.  what are you people doing??  but the one that makes me want to SCREAM is one where you hook up the contraption to the tv (maybe a computer) and kids can magically pretend to draw, cut out shapes, etc.  through the miracle of technology, you can PRINT OUT their creations.  jeeeeez, if only there were a way to make an arts and crafts creation without purchasing a video game.



  1. update please! i need to read more.

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