Posted by: mommytoo | December 11, 2007

life update

baby boy bodenheimer is due 4 months from today!  as any pregnant woman will tell you, pregnancy is much closer to 10 months than it is to 9… which means that although d is in her 6th month, we still have 4 more to go.

yesterday was my first day working completely on my own.  i’ve had a six month orientation, which is standard fare for a new grad in any kind of intensive care unit.  for the most part, there’s good news: i’m learning every day, my co-workers are fantastic, the work is challenging, the cafeteria food is decent, the commute is easy, i feel good about what i do every day.  on the down side: the mornings are early, the days are long, the clothes (scrubs) are boring, god only knows what’s on the clogs (they get left on the front porch), i’ve had two cold sores in the last month (after not having one for probably two years), my hands are very dry (from washing my hands dozens of times every day).  relatively minor gripes, no?  and here i am now…

uncanny resemblance, no?


  1. k- congrats on finishing your orientation. anytime you have to wonder what is on your clogs, i think, you know you are doing intense and good work. i am proud of you from a far.
    d must be really showing now and wearing maternity clothes – how amazing this all is.

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