Posted by: mommytoo | January 3, 2008

in a nutshell

the power cord for my computer hasn’t been working — i’ve been borrowing d’s, but for some reason i just prefer to blog on my own computer.  finally got a new cord and now i’m back with my little guy.

the holidays were pretty uneventful, i guess.  i worked christmas eve and christmas day, as well as the 26th.  they were just totally normal workdays, which was weird.  we went out for fondue xmas eve, to keep up my dad’s family tradition, and d spoiled me a little bit not with gifts (there were those too), just taking care of me and making it a little christmas-y around here.

we went to r.i. on the 27th to see family — then sunday i went to nyc with my mom to see cymbeline, which was so fun!  it’s a strange play, one of shakespeare’s last.  but the production was just beautiful and there’s something magical about lincoln center (nyc in general) during the holidays.  ooh, and d and i saw juno.  it’s excellent!

and now i’m back to work!  we’re going away again next week, to d’s parents’ beach house while they’re in the city.  looking forward to that, although it means a bunch of days in a row beforehand.


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