Posted by: mommytoo | January 4, 2008

little athlete?

our little boy is kick kick kicking away!  d says it’s almost constant.  i can feel him easily now, and at night he goes nuts!  d says he misses me all day and has a lot to tell me.  when she hugs me, he goes right to the spot (or at least that’s my fantasy).  i’m reading about 26 week fetuses, and apparently his hearing is developing, so he should become more and more responsive to sound.  which is way cute!  something has happened in the last few weeks (maybe the growing belly, maybe the growing wardrobe) — it’s starting to feel real.

i have a pile of books to read right now.  i’ve still barely even started misconceptions by naomi wolf, but in general i’m much more of a fiction reader.  i’m maybe halfway through black girl/white girl, by joyce carol oates — i love her writing, she’s crazy prolific.  for hanukkah d gave me the spirit catches you and you fall down, by anne fadiman, which i definitely should have read a while ago; it’s supposed to be fascinating.  then for xmas my mom gave me the yiddish policeman’s union by one of my favorite authors, michael chabon.  and now i borrowed god is not great from a friend, i’ve been wanting to read that too!  not sure where to start…


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