Posted by: mommytoo | January 12, 2008

beach in january (heaven)

we’ve been so lazy since we got here on wednesday, it’s lovely.  but even on vacation, there are a few errands to be done!  this morning, it was the gas station, post office, drugstore, coffee shop, and then the beach.  my kind of errands!  bright sun, enormous waves, dog running up and down the shore.  barking like crazy, of course, trying to protect me from the ocean!  i couldn’t take my eyes off those waves, though.   

i spent some time this afternoon doing some financial organizing.  i now have two excel spreadsheets — a list of private loans, and a list of government loans.  it’s not pretty, people, but now i can get consolidated!  that will get me down to what i hope will be two manageable loan payments a month.  baby boy b. will be born into a more organized family.  speaking of which, now that the holidays are coming to an end (for most of the world they’re over; for me, they’re over after my birthday on the 15th!), we are getting started on some major baby prep.  nursery stuff, legal stuff, rest-of-the-house stuff, birth stuff, all the THINGS we need for such a tiny person…  

anyone out there familiar with halle berry and her love of pregnancy?  she’s apparently due any day now, and has never felt so great, looked so great, blah blah.  i’m not even pregnant, and i’m irritated by that talk.  apparently such beautiful people are immune to acne, backaches, constipation, anxiety, hemorrhoids, and all the other complaints of the third trimester that real women have!  there are just so many ways to make normal women feel bad about themselves! 


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