Posted by: mommytoo | January 16, 2008


so – my 32nd birthday was yesterday!  it was a really nice day — i got a facial in the morning; then we went shopping for baby furniture, which was the highlight.  we had an easy time choosing a crib and dresser, they’re white and we already have a hand-me-down white changing table, as well as a glider and bookcase.  so the nursery is definitely coming together!  we also decided on a stroller after a trip to babies r us, where i strolled our favorite around the store for a while.  we made some changes to our registry, and added some things we needed to see in person.

last night we went out for dinner with our girls, it was quite a night!  i loved my food, it was creative and yummy.  but as we were sitting waiting for our dessert, i saw a little something out of the corner of my eye, it seemed to be scurrying.  i was hoping to be wrong, but finally e (who is unfortunately afraid of rodents) confirmed that there was a MOUSE.  j thought it was a rat!  but i’m sticking with mouse.  we told the waiter and they were of course really embarrassed, apologetic, kept giving us more desserts!  finally the manager came over and told us our meal was on the house.  obviously.

today it was back to work, back to reality.  i walked in and saw my assignment, and glanced over at my patients’ rooms.  noticed that there was a huge crowd in one of the rooms, so i went over to see what was up.  the overnight nurse was cursing out the resident because the patient wasn’t properly sedated, and had coughed out her endotracheal tube.  obviously people only have breathing tubes if it seems like they need them – in this case for airway protection – and so there was much hubbub.  it’s murphy’s law that things like that (patients crashing, new admissions, etc) always happen at change of shift.  so, that was my welcome back after a week off!



  1. happy birthday!

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