Posted by: mommytoo | February 4, 2008

i know you’ve all been wondering…

who am i endorsing for president?  i figure i should document my thoughts tonight, since tomorrow it may be irrelevant.

obviously, there is no candidate who is far enough left for me.  i’m a registered dem, but it isn’t where my heart is.  every candidate is way too moderate, but i’ll always have that problem so i may as well get on board.  but with whom?  apparently obama and clinton vote the same on almost everything.  they both represent a huge step forward, and i truly don’t know whether it’s more important to have a black president or a female president.  that sounds like a silly question — which is more important?  maybe a black man, because african americans have suffered slavery, lynchings, and fire hoses, and continue to experience personal and institutionalized racism, poverty, and segregation?  a white woman, because of the glass ceiling, the punishing maternity leave policy, the rampant sexism in the media, the fact that they got the vote later?  will it change anything to have either of these senators become president?  hopefully the big picture will change, but it can’t undo the crap this country has done to anyone.

i don’t think feminism means voting for a woman who has, in large part, turned away from what i consider feminist politics (and i’m not talking about staying with bill).  but just because i want change in the country, that doesn’t mean i should vote for the person who can fit the word “change” into a campaign speech more times.

pennsylvania’s primary isn’t until april 22, and by that point one candidate may no longer be relevant.  but if i were voting in super tuesday, i’m pretty sure i’d vote for clinton.  i’m trying not to make this about identity politics, even though i’m a second wave feminist at heart (if that’s even possible).  it seems like a lot of progressives are supporting obama, but honestly i’m not sure he knows everything he needs to know to fix things.  clinton’s been saying he wouldn’t be ready “on day one,” and i think i agree.

if i don’t sound certain, it’s because i’m not!  it’s unusual for me, but to an extent i’m following my heart.  when obama won iowa, i noticed i was bummed out.  and then when clinton won n.h., i got excited.  so maybe i’m just following that feeling?  d is deciding based on who will beat mccain (it seems like that’s going to be the repub).  and when i look at it that way, i wonder about clinton.  i think people have a bad taste in their mouths when it comes to the clintons (i realize that comes off as a pun or a double-entendre, but i can’t think of any other way to put it!), and in between people might knee-jerk vote against her.  still… when i hear obama, i know he’s a great orator and stands for change and hope and all things exciting, but i don’t hear as much content.  also, although he made a great speech on mlk day about homophobia (which i appreciated), he has associated himself with some real assholes.  lastly, he’s a bit church-y for me.  yikes.



  1. I agree with you in a lot of ways. I’m voting for Clinton.

  2. (i tagged you.)

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