Posted by: mommytoo | February 4, 2008

nursery! part one

my dad was here this weekend, and we put him to work.  he and i went to h.ome d.epot for the primer, paint, brushes, rollers, dropcloth, etc. but still didn’t see any good light fixtures.

anyway, so we are almost finished the painting.  i have a tiny bit of touching up to do, and i’ll probably end up doing the trim, too.  i’m documenting the process!  here are the first photos, so you can get an idea of the color…

it’s a light robin’s egg/tiffany box blue – not baby boy blue – and we love it.  to give you a better idea:

there it is on the walls, though unfinished.



  1. i really like that color! can i ask what brand? that may end up being sparky’s color too!!

  2. it’s glidden, i think it’s called flowing breeze? i wasn’t initially sure about blue, because it’s so gender-y, but this would be great for your girl too! just really cheerful and calming at the same time.

  3. that is the color of my entire home. seriously. i love it and it never looks dull. and i love the look of those old heaters. great job getting the room going! it is beautiful.

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