Posted by: mommytoo | February 14, 2008

winter. no, seriously.

i don’t usually mind the cold, but i’ve gotten spoiled by this warm winter.  we got the teeniest covering of snow yesterday and it’s already gone.  which makes annie happy — she hates the snow and wind, and here’s what she does on walks…

yup, she just sits.  get a load of the “equality dog” leash, her favorite.

i’m home sick today, it’s just a crappy cold but about the millionth since i started my job.  what’s so annoying about my job is that i have to call out sick by 4:00, which on day shift means 4am.  since i was feeling sick last night, i had to set my alarm to wake up and see how i felt.  well shit, who doesn’t feel horrible at 4am, when she has a 12-hour workday in front of her?  plus, if you were this patient…

would you want your nurse sneezing over you?  imagine all the places germs can get in?  endotracheal tubes and central lines and indwelling catheters, oh my. (this is a google image — i didn’t photograph any of my patients.)

last night i was lying in bed, speculating on who is going to win project runway (i tivo-ed it last night in an effort to get to sleep early) and wishing i was sleeping.  i was also enjoying the fact that i can still cozy up and expect a relatively uninterrupted night of sleep (not something i’ll have for too much longer).  and of course, i am employed at the worry tank.

 if you’re not familiar with this, my favorite new yorker cartoon ever, they’re all sitting around saying things like “what if it doesn’t work?” “what if it works all too well?” “what if it all blows up in our faces?”  and if you’re not familiar with me, i’ll tell you that it is a bizarrely accurate depiction of yours truly.

so my appreciation of a quiet night was interrupted by my own brain, wondering if i will love being a parent as much as i have always imagined.  how could it ever be as great as our family is right now, just me and d and our little zoo?  blah blah blah, maybe this is just where my brain goes when my dreams are coming true.



  1. omg! little georgia does the SAME THING! she’ll do it in the wind, too. it’s so sad and pathetic – i fall for it every time.

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