Posted by: mommytoo | February 26, 2008

5 day weekend

sometimes a nurse’s schedule is just excellent.  i had off friday, the weekend, monday, and today (tuesday) — didn’t even use any vacation days!  granted, i’ll be working 12 hour shifts next weekend, but most of the time it really feels worth it.

we had a really fun, eventful weekend.  we spent several hours on the road saturday, made it up to boston by late afternoon.  d has been desperate for a swim lately, it’s all she wants to do!  so she and j went swimming at our hotel, while e and i did some errands.  then we went to my friend’s house, she and i have been friends since i was 3 years old.  she made the most extraordinary indian meal.  i knew she could cook, but damn!  from start to finish — homemade papadam, main dishes, naan, kir, chai.  ooh, and my favorite part, mango lassi!  slumber party with j and e that night in the hotel, and then sunday was our (first) baby shower.

moms there’s me and my baby mama!

we had such a lovely time, and got the CUTEST stuff.  we had registered for the basics, but seriously the outfits we brought home are to die.  a few of us set out to pack it all into our car, and we almost made it.  one crate of books (aforementioned lifelong friend gave us 100!! books) had to go in mom’s car, but otherwise we crammed it all in and right after the shower drove all the way back home to philly!  j and e had to work monday, and even though we didn’t, we had an exciting day planned too.  because…

yesterday the artist arrived to start the mural!  i will plug her here, because she is talented and adorable and upstairs right now, creating something amazing (yes, we’ve been peeking).  also yesterday, there was much cuddling with the animals, plus a couple of medical appointments (one for each of us).  mine was not of interest to any of you, but d’s went great.  her uterus is measuring just right; baby boy b. seems to be head down already, although still “pivoting” on his head; heart rate is loud and strong.  we finally saw the midwife that really pissed us off last fall, and it was awkward but we shrugged it off.  she kind of doesn’t know when to shut up.  d would ask a question and the midwife would say something reassuring.  then, instead of leaving it at that, she would just. keep. talking.  “oh, it’s fine to have a few braxton hicks… a few a day?  totally normal… of course, if there are too many we start worrying because you’re only 33 weeks and obviously you can’t have your baby yet and in that case let us know because it’s bad very very bad…”  see what i’m saying?

today there will be much puttering (my favorite thing) and our first childbirth class!



  1. Kudos for getting an artist to do the mural. How exciting! You two look so happy. Sorry the midwife can’t zip it but glad the appointment went well. ox

  2. Thanks for the link to Nailing Jello to the Wall!

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