Posted by: mommytoo | March 5, 2008

more – uh – fascinating observations

has anyone else noticed that in the democratic primary, everyone calls the candidates by their first names?  anyone agree that it is not a coincidence that we do that now, when the candidates are a black man and a woman?  i know that clinton’s signs say “hillary,” and we have to distinguish between her and her husband.  i think the media supposedly use her first name for the same reason.  but sometimes people write “mrs. clinton,” which also burns me up, because doesn’t “senator clinton” make the distinction?!

i found this list of 100 reasons to support hillary, while browsing a new favorite blog.  pretty interesting.

lastly: mau.reen do.wd is a raging misogynist.



  1. “new favorite blog”? really? Gosh, thanks!

    You might also be interested in one my favorite blogs:

    Suburban Lesbian Housewife

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