Posted by: mommytoo | March 5, 2008

she did it!

i haven’t turned into a rabid clinton supporter or anything; but i was wicked excited last night.  i’m working nights tonight and tomorrow, so i stayed up late (i got up early this morning and i’ll take a nap before i go to work).  i was watching something on ti.vo and around 1am, i went back to live tv and saw the news!  i don’t know if she can beat mccain, but considering obama outspends her 3-1 (or some such number) and she won texas anyway… well, it’s something to think about.

last night we had our second (of four) birth classes.  we really like the teacher, and i like having the time to bond with d and the baby.  and for that time, i feel like i’m doing exactly what i should be doing.


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