Posted by: mommytoo | March 16, 2008


we spent last weekend in nyc, for baby shower #2.  we had lots of fun — and got LOTS of stuff.  we got home and realized we’ve gotten almost every single big item!  the only thing we hadn’t received was the co-sleeper, so we used a generous check from a family friend, and got that too.  then on monday, there was a shower for me at work!  they shopped off the registry, which is equally exciting because i got so many adorable outfits and hats and washcloths and receiving blankets, etc.  my favorite thing is a little ad*das track suit, red and blue.

this weekend is more baby stuff — the house!  now that d is 36 weeks (and two days!) i’m feeling like it’s time to really go for it with the preparation.  easier said than done.  we’re almost done with the nursery (i think?) and today is baby’s first laundry!  i asked one of the midwives whether it was perhaps a myth that you should wash all the baby’s clothes first?  an old wives’ tale?  she said it can’t hurt, babies are more sensitive to dyes, lint, stuff like that.  she said wash it with special baby soap and do an extra rinse.  the midwives are all pretty laid back, so i figure if they recommend it, i may as well.  if he were biologically related to me, i’d figure he’s come out of the womb sneezing.  regardless, though, you never know if he’ll have extra sensitive skin.  and considering how much stuff he has, i may as well get on it!

so, here’s what we’re getting done.

the nursery — clean up the floor (paint drips), arrange the furniture, put down the rug
vacuuming — all three floors
laundry — our stuff and baby’s
clean linen closet — make room for more storage
put the books (ours and baby’s) and bookcases (ours and baby’s) where they need to be
get some gear put together

that last one seems to be the hardest!  d is – by her own admission – terrible at following directions, it’s one of her funny quirks.  and i’m having trouble staying still long enough to accomplish one task.  i keep going up and down the stairs, rearranging things, and telling d she’s doing things wrong.  did you know there’s a right and wrong way and time to put baby books on shelves?  don’t worry, i’m here to help.

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