Posted by: mommytoo | April 1, 2008

america’s next top baby

we’ve been home a week!  last night was his first bath and manicure, which he did not enjoy.  he loved being wrapped up afterwards though, and we had our best sleep so far.  he woke up every few hours to cry and eat, and pretty much let us sleep in between.  except i woke up to make sure he was breathing, and to stare at him.  his hands crack me up, the way he gestures and conducts and sucks his knuckles.

my mom was here for a few days — nate was excited to meet his other grandma.  and we were excited to take some naps in the afternoons, while she took care of him.  he actually slept too, but it’s a different kind of nap when you don’t have to listen for the baby.

d and i are constantly in dialogue about whether we are going to stay in philly permanently, or move somewhere else.  we’re settled here – jobs, home, friends – but my family is pretty far away, which is hard, especially now that we’re a growing family.  also, there’s a lot of crime in philly.  we’re not suburbs people; we like living in a city.  but even in our little liberal haven with food co-op, woods nearby, rainbow flags up and down the block, etc, we worry about the break-ins and muggings — there are lots.  we’ve had dozens of conversations about moving back to nyc, so many it gets on our own nerves.

in the last few months – but even more, in the last week – things feel so different.  with every major event in our lives, we put down more roots.  and believe me, we cannot leave the nursery mural any time soon!  but since nate was born, our minds have been blown by our community.  we have people coming to visit, bringing us food, calling, sending things.  we knew we were loved, but sometimes you don’t notice how much support you have until something like a baby.  and we’re pleasantly surprised.

nap time…


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