Posted by: mommytoo | April 24, 2008

one whole month!

april 24 — that makes nate a month old!  to honor the occasion, i added him to my health insurance.  as dorky as it sounds, it was really exciting.  gave them his social security number and everything.  it’s just really moving for me to think about him being on my benefits.

nate is really a good baby.  i think he cries less than lots of kids, which i feel lucky for!  when he does cry, he scares the hell out of me with that huge cry that empties his lungs, then there’s a loooooong pause before he takes a breath.  i hate it!  he loves to eat, but often falls asleep before he gets full.  then half an hour later, he’s furious that he’s still hungry!  we’re getting glimpses of his little smile, when he stumbles into one by mistake.  generally, if he’s awake and looking around and not crying, i figure he’s happy.

everyone said he would lose his hair, but so far he hasn’t.  his eyes are darker than they were when he was born, but they’re still bluish grayish, not the brown i imagined before he was born.

he loves the sling and the baby bj*rn, he seems to be growing out of one style of pacifier and into another, or just growing out of the passy thing altogether.  he loves to sit upright on our bent legs, looking at us and conducting his own invisible orchestra.  the only thing that stops the conducting is being swaddled, which works like magic.  until mama checks, double checks, and triple checks to see if he’s still breathing.

he doesn’t care if his diaper is dirty, but he hates when it’s wet.  and he doesn’t complain too much getting it changed, although the bath makes him miserable!

his favorite spot when he’s awake is his little vibrating chair, which has plush animals hanging from it.  he just stares and stares.  here he is on his one-month birthday, in said chair.


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