Posted by: mommytoo | April 28, 2008

family weekend

we spent some really lovely time together the last couple of days.  i slept in in saturday morning and woke to d calling me from the bathroom — she and nate were in the bath together!  i had discouraged it, because i was nervous about how slippery he is and you never know… anyway, she convinced me to get in with them, and it was the most special thing ever.  nate loved the warm water, he got completely quiet and just stared around.  it was magical. 

we had a couple of friends come over saturday morning to meet the baby (and bring us bagels), then in the evening we decided to get adventurous.  some friends were going out for dinner at a place that is family friendly during the day, but at night it’s loud and trendy.  we really wanted to go, and he’s more portable now than he ever will be again.  so all three of us changed our outfits, and gave it a shot.  we figured we could always take food home, if it didn’t work out.  but as it happened, he slept through the whole thing.  the music was loud, but i think he sort of liked it because of the beat.  we had lots of fun, and i felt good that sometimes we can still do the stuff we used to do.  this morning we slept in, and then laid in bed cooing.  i turned him over for some tummy time, and it was so much fun.  he was totally focused, doing the most intense push-ups you can imagine.  he got half his body over onto his back, and a few minutes later he was all the way over.  i put him back, and he did it again.  i know this probably sounds mundane to many of you, but watching him focus that way, it was incredible.

here’s something amazing: being with nate makes me feel more present than i ever have before.  when i sit with him and we stare at each other, i feel like it’s the only thing i have to be doing, the only place i have to be.  that’s something that’s always really hard for me, to be in the moment.  but with him, every tiny moment feels… momentous?



  1. your last paragraph captures and explains the unexplainable wonderment of being a parent. it is amazing. and you really understand that now, and have experienced it. again, amazing.

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