Posted by: mommytoo | April 28, 2008

this is from a couple of months ago, but it’s stayed with me.

Is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC?

the article is about their websites, but it really resonates in a larger way.  i feel like those apple ads push to make you proud to be a witty, emo, hipster mac user (you might even date drew barrymore).  or alternatively, embarrassed because you prefer a pc and must therefore be a chubby, humorless guy in a bad suit.  likewise, i get a similar message from obama supporters: do you want the same old guy (ahem, whatever) in the bad suit?  sure, i can have the troops out in a few short months.  how?  dude, don’t be such a buzzkill.  don’t you want HOPECHANGE?  hope for what?  change to what?  sh.  here, have some kool-aid.



  1. nice comparison. ha!

    it must be noted that despite the hype, macs are known for their lack of viruses :)
    (not sure how far the metaphor stretches to politics, however…)

  2. point taken. i should have added that macs are fine with me — it’s a great computer, and i’m thrilled if you have found the computer for you. those commercials are just so damn hostile, though, and apple people are always trying to convince me to change — even though i have plenty of reasons why i choose my little d.e.ll! isn’t it sort of the beauty of democracy, that i can decide which candidate i connect with, then step into that little booth, and vote however i want (hanging chads notwithstanding)? discussion is one thing but geez, why so humiliating to those of us who aren’t as cool?

  3. my personal theory (and i say this as an employee of the fruit) is that hardcore mac users (ie the ones who have shelled out the most $ for the longest time) ARE the nerdy, geeky guys.

    i know way more “early adopters” who look like mister pc and less like mac. and even the mac guys are geeks with great hair products :)

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