Posted by: mommytoo | June 2, 2008

you’re getting sleepy… verrrry… sleeepy…

we’re starting to figure out nate’s schedule.  for the first couple of months (he’s ten weeks today!) we basically did whatever we felt like, and just brought him along.  for the last week or so, he’s definitely been letting us know that those days are over.  if his crying is persistent, we know he’s serious — generally, he’s pretty easy-going, and easy to soothe.

i definitely have an idea of what a schedule will eventually look like.  the goal is to have him in the co-sleeper, and then in the crib, and also of course to have him there before we go to bed, so that we can be downstairs without him.  and let’s not forget sleeping through the night.  okay, but how to get there from here?  “here” being sleeping in the bed with us, waking up every few hours to nurse and go back to sleep.

i’m doing lots of reading, but putting it into practice is so much harder.  when we’re tired and have to get up early, it’s much easier to just bring him into bed than to have him stay in the co-sleeper.  and also, we’ve been uncharacteristically relaxed with nate, and it feels really good.  so i don’t want to get all stressed about when he should be sleeping, whether he’s on the right schedule, etc.  we’re trying to take cues from him, and incorporate that with what we know, and what we need.

so… any advice on where to start?



  1. After going through this with 2 kids, the best advice I have is: Do whatever works, and whatever you are up for.

    With our first son, he slept with us for quite a while. He’d usually start out in his crib, then sometime during the night would come in by us. We got him back on his own around a year or so, but still at 4, he loves to come in by us.

    Because when Cooper was born the boys shared a room, we were nervous to have them together as we were afraid he would wake Max up. He was in our bed a lot longer.

    Now, Max is 4 and Cooper will be 2 in 2 weeks. They both sleep in their own beds, very close to each other, and will occasionally wake and try to sneak into bed with us.

  2. Take it from me, sleep issues can be stressful. Jack slept with us in bed for months… and months… and finally slept through the night in his crib around 10 months. We first tried to move him to the crib around Nate’s age, and, to be honest, I think we did it because we thought that’s what we should do and not because we wanted to. The move didn’t last because he wasn’t ready and neither were we.

    You have to do what feels right and what you’re comfortable with. When we were serious about getting Jack to be a good sleeper we followed the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It did involve some crying (which was very difficult) and I think it worked for us because we were finally committed to changing the situation and Jack was old enough to do it. We still can’t believe that our little guy who says “Nigh’ nigh'” and walks to his room when he’s ready for bed is the same kid who was sleeping with us and nursing every couple hours at 9 months old.

  3. Sleep is tricky and Nate is really little. One thing that I’m really really glad we did was avoid nursing to sleep after a certain age (maybe 3 months?). As a result, we were dependent on plenty of other eventually annoying sleep aids (paci, swaddle, swing…), but those were things both of us could easily provide. At Nate’s age, the thing that helped sleep the most was to make sure our daughter was getting enough, and enough was a LOT (3-5 naps a day, not awake for more than two hours at a time).

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