Posted by: mommytoo | June 17, 2008


we’ve been having so much fun with nate.  after 12 weeks as a family of three, d and i are really beginning on understand what he’s saying, through his faces, his movements, his cries, his coos, etc.  it’s weird, the way it requires so little – and yet so much – thought.

today was a great day.  i had some things to do in center city, including stopping by work to drop something off.  a friend of mine is having a baby, and her baby shower was today.  the timing didn’t work out for me to be there, but i had said i would bring food so i went to t.rader j.oes and picked up stuff, then went to work.  needless to say, this involved some juggling of keys, purse, carseat, stroller, and grocery cart.  but once we got there, everyone just fell in love with him, of course.  and he was an angel!  he had been out of the house – and in and out of the car – all afternoon, but he just sucked on his chubby little hands and charmed everyone.  he got a little fussy at one point, and a friend of mine put on an isolation gown (we’re very creeped out by what could be on our scrubs) and picked him up.  as she was rocking back and forth, he got very calm, and she moved so that he could see me.  “there’s your mommy!” she said to him, and he grinned.  being the pessimist that i am, i could easily think it was just coincidence (sometimes he smiles for his own private reasons).  but it was such a face of drooly recognition and – dare i say it? – love.  i nearly started crying.

on the way home, the poor little guy started to lose it a little.  he hadn’t eaten in a few hours, and he’d been passed around a lot, and the sun was in his eyes.  i was listening to talk radio, and i decided to try music, since he loves when we sing to him.  it hasn’t seemed like he registers music or the tv in the background, but i put on some soothing music i had in the cd player, and he really calmed down!  that may actually be coincidence, but it was really satisfying.

plus, d got a few hours to herself.  the poor woman needs it.

also, a sleep update: he’s still in our bed, but we’ve gotten him to bed before us for the last few nights, and he’s doing great.  he gets a few songs, and i jiggle his tush (when you’re 12lbs that makes your whole body jiggle), and shush him a bit, and voila!  the eyes roll back in the head.  2 minutes later, the eyelashes stop fluttering and he’s sleeping… well, you know, like a baby.



  1. Yay, what a great mom! I’ll be calling for advice you know.

  2. He’s twelve weeks? I’m sure that was a real smile for you, mommy. Your boy is entering three months. That’s the flirtation zone. Look out! Many smiles ahead.

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