Posted by: mommytoo | July 8, 2008

okay, we’re home

ah yes, the life of leisure.  we are back from our trip, and settling in for what annoying newspeople call a staycation.  at least that’s how i’m billing it for d, who is kind of… over the joy of being home.

i am NOT over the joy of being home, and even though today is our first day back, i made it a good one, crossing off several of the things on my list.  so satisfying.  and i plan on continuing the excitement for the next couple of weeks.

nate is talking up a storm.  the craziest, funniest noises, at unpredictable times.  it’s so much fun.  he’s also starting to reach for things… kind of.  yesterday in the car, i was in the passenger seat and he was in his seat facing backwards (obviously).  he started getting fussy, so i dangled my hand in front of him.  slowly, slowly, he got his hand up to mine and grabbed it.  of course, i squealed and told him how proud i was, and soon my hand was in his mouth, along with both of his own.  very impressive.  in general, he’s still working on getting control of his hands, but he always gets them in his own mouth, without fail.  delicious.  and that’s how he starts, i guess!

d and i decided a while ago that we didn’t want nate to watch tv, at least for a while.  for those who don’t know us, let me explain that that is a BIG DEAL for us!  we love tv, we love tiv*, we have tons of fun with our shows.  since nate’s here, we watch less, mostly because there are funner things to do.  but when we feel like watching (like at night), we do.  he didn’t even notice for the first few months.  now, all of a sudden, this kid is fascinated.  d noticed it first, the tv was on and nate was in his little seat, and she was doing dishes, and it was so quiet.  it turns out that it makes perfect sense that people park their kids in front of some stupid video, and do whatever they want.  it would be so easy!  so.  yeah, so no more tv when nate’s around.

here’s a picture of our little love — there are a bunch more on flickr.



  1. The TV/video temptation will only get harder the older Nate gets! Lily now asks to watch it even though we’ve never let her! But her pediatricians swear she’s as verbal as she is because she isn’t a TV-watcher, so we’re going to stick with it too. Good luck!

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