Posted by: mommytoo | July 10, 2008


today is thursday, a beautiful day.  nate’s usual wake-up time is maybe 6:30 — he nurses and then i get up with him, after a little quality time giggling and talking to both moms in bed.  but last night he had a little trouble going to sleep (actually the problem was with staying asleep!), so he let us sleep until almost 8.  he and i went for a quick coffee run, and i finished reading my favorite mag while he slept in the baby bj*rn.  back home, he got some time with his mommy, and then it was yardwork.  back in the bj*rn while i raked the front.  i think i even did a little weeding, while nate slept in his carseat on the porch.  although i’m not sure if those were weeds… i just pulled up whatever didn’t look pretty to me.  i attempted to get rid of the poison ivy, too, d is violently allergic and that’s why i am relegated to “gardening.”


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