Posted by: mommytoo | July 14, 2008

state of the baby

we had a very low-key weekend.  nate seems to have mastered the vowels, and is on to the consonants — N, G and H are his favorites so far.  this morning he and i went back and forth for a while: “HA!” “HA!” “HA!” “HA!”

he is also gradually learning that his hands are his own.  for some silly reason (probably the fact that nate is my first baby), i thought that one day, he would notice he could control his own hands, and then he’d know, and use them.  or something like that.  i imagined a “CLICK.”  but in fact, it’s a slow process.  he reaches drunkenly for something one day, then the next day he puts it in his mouth, the day after that he isn’t into reaching as much.  he appears to grab things accidentally, but seems pleased when he does.  it’s so fascinating.  what a privilege, to be around him 24/7 and watch the process.  he also seems to want to sit up sometimes, sort of leans forward when he’s in his car seat, frustrated by the seat belt.

the other day, he was fascinated with making little faces, mostly with his mouth.  sucking on his upper lip (wish we’d gotten a picture), and it seemed like he was trying to make us laugh.  then later, he was making funny noises with his tongue and i started doing it too — sort of a “tsk” noise, over and over.  and he imitated it!  we went back and forth for a few minutes, me doing it a few times and then him doing it.  d and i just couldn’t get over it.  it’s even funny that eventually, it will be normal for him to imitate us.  this was definitely the first time it happened, and absolutely thrilling.


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