Posted by: mommytoo | July 21, 2008


we decided to take a little overnight trip out of town, relatively spontaneously.  both being beach people, we considered the jersey shore — but it’s hard to get a place that’s affordable and nice, especially on short notice.  we’re spending time in family places this summer, but we thought it would be fun to go south (sometimes we’re in denial about how far south we live).  so we booked a room in a lovely little inn on the harbor in baltimore, and it was so fun.  part of the reason we decided to go was because danamarie hosler, the artist who did our mural (see header) was showing at an arts festival there.  it’s apparently the largest free arts festival in the country, and it was VERY large.  once we got a map, we tracked down dana and paid her a surprise visit.  she was so excited to meet nate, and to hear how much he loves his mural.  one of his favorite things is to sit on my lap in the glider and look at it, while i talk about everything featured.

it was more than 95 degrees, so we didn’t spend a ton of time outside.  we went to our hotel and cooled off, then walked to dinner, not too far.  the streets felt strangely empty, maybe because of the heat.

we came home to the last necessary paperwork for the adoption process to kick into high gear!  we’re meeting with the lawyer this week to finish the estate (such as it is) planning and adoption application stuff, and i’m so thrilled.  still feeling like there are so many things to do, but we have a great lawyer who knows all this inside and out.  and the plan is to outsource as much as possible — it’s in their hands, and they’ll tell us what to do when.

i’m not excited about my full day tomorrow.  nate has a doctor’s appointment in the morning, which used to be fun but now he gets shots and it is so terrible.  then i have to go to the dmv, which everyone knows is the worst thing in the world.  d has a follow-up with the infectious disease specialist, our favorite doctor because she finally cleared up d’s recurring mastitis.  but i have therapy, something i usually look forward to… my therapist and i decided last week, however, that it was time for me to “process” nate’s birth.  it came up because i had a really scary, weird dream that i told her about (telling your therapist dreams… a little cliche…).  it sort of “clicked” that it was related to the trauma of the labor and, especially, the delivery.

i did not write about the labor and delivery on my blog because it feels too private.  maybe if it were mine, i would share more, but it’s obviously even more about d’s body.  she has, and will continue to, process her experience in her own way, but i think my therapist is right, that i have to do the same.  i am dreading it, but i know it’s important and i will just keep reminding myself of the boy who’s at home!

nate found a lot to talk about in baltimore.  talk talk talk talk talk.  i guess he realizes he’s going to need to speak up, since d and i are both talkers!



  1. Glad you enjoyed B’more. It’s can be a fun, if rather kitschy, town. May your full your full day go smoothly today.

  2. It took me quite a while to work through our daughter’s long and grueling birth. My wife swears by the memory erasing hormones.

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