Posted by: mommytoo | July 22, 2008

the rest of the world

considering this is a blog about my experience as a non-bio mom in a heterosexist world, it’s not surprising that i have written about nothing but nate lately.  but there’s so much going on in the world that feels important to me, and since nate is currently having what i call a face-plant nap (in the snuggly on my chest, face forward with his nose just peeking out from my cleavage), i figured i’d update about other things i care about.

  • number one:

i love this picture, and i’m glad satire is alive and well in this dumbed-down country.  i’m hoping that if you read the new yorker, you’re intelligent enough – and moreover, paying enough attention – to understand the humor in this cartoon.

  • number two:
    i’m totally behind obama now, or at least i’m trying.  there were a few rough patches, this being one of them.  but what else can i girl do?  vote for a guy who doesn’t believe in my family?  (whatever, dude, i don’t believe in your god.)  and even though he got weird about iraq for a few days there, i liked reading his plan and even more than that, i loved that the times rejected mccain’s rebuttal.  that’s good stuff.
  • number three:
    if you’re not outraged, you’re seriously not paying attention.  i really can’t figure out if mccain has a chance (in which case i’m either out of touch or living in a nation of idiots), or if the media just can’t let obama be a shoo-in.  i think back fondly on the fall of 1996, when everyone knew clinton would win.  the college democrats had a big victory party on election night, because we knew way in advance that there would be call for confetti.  i just don’t understand how obama wouldn’t run away with the whole thing.
  • number four:
    a great senator from my little home state got some national attention today, and i’m proud.

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