Posted by: mommytoo | July 23, 2008

the big time!

we’ve had a couple of exciting happenings in the last couple of days.  yesterday was nate’s 4 month doctor visit, and he was such a champ.  at his 2-month visit, the nurse said it wouldn’t work to nurse him while he got the shots.  so we laid him on the table, he screamed bloody murder, and then we quickly put him on the breast when she was done.  he proceeded to screech on and off the rest of the day and night.  this time, the nurse said she couldn’t get the right spot if he was nursing, but had d hold him in her lap on the exam table.  once she got the last shot in there (four again), d just lifted her shirt and he latched on.  he only had a chance for one huge scream that turned his whole head purple — but once he got the boob, he was happy as a clam.  and proceeded to smile and giggle for the rest of the day!  he impresses me so much.

and today, we had our final meeting and signing with our attorney!  we signed the paperwork for our wills, health care proxy, and – most importantly – the adoption.  once we went through everything and made decisions, there were five of us around the table — me, d, our attorney, another attorney to witness, and the office manager, who was notarizing.  plus nate!  there was something really ceremonial about it, signing and passing to the next person.

and the experience of doing the whole thing in a practice that is so gay friendly… i can’t say enough about it.  there was so much warmth and joy, the whole staff really seemed to get how thrilled we are.  they ooh-ed and aah-ed over nate, demanded a picture for the bulletin board, and bent over backwards to make sure they had done everything for us.  such a lovely experience.  they are filing the petition for adoption this week, and in the mean time i have a document that allows me to make medical decisions for my son, in the case of d not being there or whatever.  that also feels really good.

i also had my first massage today!  i was in a friend’s wedding a few weeks ago, and she got me a gift certificate for a fancy pants spa.  the massage was lovely, i left feeling energized.  then got my hair cut and colored, so i felt very spoiled today!


  1. Congrats on finishing all the paperwork. I can only imagine how exciting that must be. Sounds like Nate was a champ for his shots. I’m still convinced it’s worse for us as parents than it is for the little guys. Glad you had a little pampering – you deserve it.

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