Posted by: mommytoo | August 1, 2008

raspberries are in season!

our time off continues to be fantastic.  we spent this past friday through wednesday in rhode island, visiting my family.  we met our new-ish nephew, who is a month older than nate and pretty similar in disposition.  smiley, talkative, relatively easy (for an infant).  and nate got to meet almost all of his older cousins, who are pretty fabulous as well.  we visited my step-sister on her farm, but unfortunately it was raining and nate didn’t get to meet all the animals!  we did have a great day at the beach, he was pretty surprised by the ocean!  once mom (grandma!) got back from her trip, she and nate had a chance to coo and laugh at each other, and then wednesday it was back in the car.

yesterday we had brunch with one of nate’s best (honorary) aunties, and her mother, who is a self-proclaimed baby hog.  i’m kind of dreading stranger anxiety, because we pass him around all the time and it makes people so happy!  plus gives us a chance to eat.  but from what i understand, it’s only a matter of time.  we’ve already noticed he talks less (and less loud) in public and around strangers.  at home, we often can’t even have a conversation because nate wants in!

the last couple of nights, nate has been spending much more time on his own in the co-sleeper.  he wakes up more often, but i’m able to jiggle him back to sleep (sometimes after d nurses him), and the quality of our sleep is MUCH better.  we figure it’s just a matter of time until we all get used to it.  the night before last, we put him down around 8:30 and were downstairs watching tv or something.  suddenly we realized that annie (our beloved dog) was not there — she was on our bed, babysitting.  if you know annie, you know that this is unheard of!  we call her d’s shadow; they are never apart.  we actually had to call her to get her to come downstairs, which is also really rare.  so cute!

nate is making all kinds of crazy noises, most notably blowing “raspberries.”  d didn’t believe me that that is a developmental milestone!  or a speech milestone, at least.  the funniest is when he sticks out his tongue but seems to be trying to make a “G” noise.  it comes out crazy.  he also thinks it’s hysterical when we make raspberry noises.  or when we bite his toes, or kiss his belly, or almost anything else.  we feel like comedians!

tomorrow we are off on another trip, this time for 2 whole weeks!  we’re going to d’s childhood vacation spot, staying at a friend’s house.  i probably won’t be online, but when i get pictures, i will try to post them.  we’re planning on lots of beach time, pool time, evening walks… all the good stuff.  in the next 24 hours or so, we have a ton of laundry, packing, bills to pay, and a fun dinner tonight.


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