Posted by: mommytoo | August 6, 2008

lazy days

we’re a few days into a vacation we’ve been fantasizing about for months — more than two whole weeks in one of d’s favorite places.  it’s a pretty fancy pants spot, but we’re managing to make it our own… mostly by staying away from the “scene-y” places and walking around the modest, shady, family neighborhood where we’re staying.  last night we walked to a beach that d spent her childhood at, i loved it there.  we sat in a gazebo and read for a while.  nate was napping in the stroller and woke up only because there was the loveliest breeze.  stopped by a house where family friends live, where d spent many many days and nights as a child. 

we found a great little place to get iced coffee, so nate and i are starting to make a habit of going there in the morning and sitting on the porch in a rocking chair.  i simply couldn’t give up that tradition.

when i’m out with nate alone, i wonder sometimes about what the two of us look like.  i think there’s an assumption that i am his biological mother.  it used to really bother me, i felt like i was pretending to be something i’m not, i guess.  now, i sometimes want people to ask something that would warrant my bringing it up.  i’m not sure why, i guess i have these moods when i want to challenge people.  and then there are the people you know would be shaken up by it.  mostly, i revel in my mommy-hood, and i can’t get over the fact that i am now the person with a baby, in line at the grocery store or walking around town.  it’s almost surreal, although i guess i’m getting used to it.

nate is getting so big and strong.  he rolls from his tummy to his side, and easily from his back to his side… to his other side… back again… you get the picture.  when i pull him up by his hands, his head stay with his trunk, and he does some of the work with me.  and when i stand him up, he straightens his legs and pushes, trying to support some of his weight himself.  he makes tiny progress every day, and i watch so carefully to see every little change.  but at the same time, it seems like he learns major things overnight.



  1. I’m so glad you’re having a nice vacation. It sounds great. Nate sounds like such a blast. I can’t believe how big he’s getting already.

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