Posted by: mommytoo | August 18, 2008

august and everything after

we’re in our last few days of this trip, and the weather is cooperating.  today was bright and sunny, but not tooooo hot.  nate has really started enjoying the pool, he has a carrier (see flickr pics) and at first he was hesitant — not any more!  he kicks his legs and splashes and laughs.  then when he wears out, we take off his swimming gear and wrap him in a towel and put him in the shade, he watches us swim and play.  then falls asleep.  we’ve taken him to the beach a couple of times, but then he doesn’t go in the water.  i did “stand” him at the shore, his cute little fred flinst*ne feet sank into the sand and he looked mighty surprised.

i just posted new pics on flickr, and i realized a lot of them are of nate sleeping!  he gets so exhausted here, spending a lot of time outside.  he’s sleeping pretty well, and usually taking a couple of BIG naps during the day.  and he’s growing like a weed!


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