Posted by: mommytoo | September 1, 2008

back to work

i’m so deeply tired, it hurts.  d feels refreshed, and i hope to get there soon.  right now i’m just… yeah, tired.

and it’s hot in philadelphia.  not hot in long island, not hot in new england.

doctor appointment on wednesday, and i’m in the kind of mood that makes me want to cancel, just to avoid getting weighed as my summer of nate seems, in retrospect, like it may also have been my summer of junk food.  and it annoys me that i even care.

and i like my job, but i miss nate so badly.  he’s so big!  and giggly and sweet and lovey.

learned today that my least favorite person at work is leaving!  this is her last week.  awesome.

and our washing machine is broken.

had a wonderful time in martha’s vineyard — pictures to be posted soon, maybe tomorrow.

and i’m stunned at sarah palin’s family values.  teenage daughter pregnant, husband dui, on the campaign trail while her 4 month old daughter with downs syndrome adjusts to the world.  some of her kids have the stupidest names around (track?  trig?).  kills animals for fun.  exploited herself for a tiara in the 1970s (and didn’t even win).  lady, keep hillary clinton’s name out of your mouth.



  1. Yeah, gotta love the family values crowd. (Oh, I just threw up a little in my mouth thinking of Republicans. I hate when that happens.)

  2. Agree completely with your opinion of Palin. She scares the crap out of me.

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