Posted by: mommytoo | September 4, 2008

i feel violated.

if you watched spalin’s speech last night, i’m sure you can understand the post title. d made me watch it. we always love watching and reading and discussing politics — we started dating the week of the 2000 election and she was the only person i knew who was as obsessed as i was. she insists on saying we started dating in october of that year, putting us squarely in the clinton presidency. our first date was dinner, followed by the strdy night live prime time election special. a match made in heaven. anyway, i didn’t want to watch last night, but apparently i also didn’t want to leave the room where she was watching. we both woke up this morning with what can only be described as an rnc hangover. the speech was sheer mockery — of obama, of biden, of community organizing, of anyone voting for the dems, of everything the democratic party stands for… also a mockery of the very idea of truth. since you’re reading a lesbian mama blog, i’m guessing/assuming your values are similar to mine. but if you need more people who are on your team, and super smart, and if you want comebacks for any repub you meet, go to the huffington post.

first thing this morning, i went to obama’s website and signed up to be informed about the goings on in my swing state. i can only hope others did the same. obviously i was a clinton supporter in the primaries, but i’m someone who gets behind whatever democratic candidate is out there. and that’s where i am right now.

i’ve had two shifts back at work, and it’s been okay. it’s hard to get used to 12 hour shifts again. i frequently work 3 days in a row, but by the end of my 2nd day yesterday, my feet were hurting and my eyes were closing. i’m not working again till the weekend though, so i have lots of time with nate and lots of time to do at-home stuff and cross things off lists.  exciting things like grocery shopping and doing laundry.  travelling so much this summer really did give us an even greater appreciation of all things homey.

today nate and i went for a walk — his first time in the big fancy stroller!  he was a little surprised by the whole thing, especially when i started pushing and he could hear my voice but not see me.  then he settled in, no complaints once we got going.  we stopped by the amish farmers’ market on the corner and got what appear to be perfect peaches.  and then… well, here’s the beginning of the walk:

big boy stroller by you.

it was sunny but i wanted him to be able to see, so the baseball cap, which he tolerates okay.  when we got home and i turned the stroller around to see why he was so quiet, i learned the cap works well for a nap:

big boy stroller end of walk by you.

i swear i did not pose this pic!  i feel like i got a peek of him in 40 years, lounging by the pool.



  1. Ahhh, Nate just keeps getting cuter! Very adorable :-)

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