Posted by: mommytoo | September 9, 2008


so, it seems like we’ve figured out child care.  we’re going to try (try) to have a babysitter/nanny/whatever on fridays, and make it work for one of us to be with him the other 6 days.  or call in some favors.  we met someone today, and she seems like a great match.  nate will be with her friday mornings, to start – d is a TA this semester and i have to work a lot of fridays if i want to keep d’s working days free.  this woman takes care of another little boy (8 months old) on those days, as well.  she had the other boy with her this morning, i think it will work out.  and we’re open to the idea of other kids being there, it will be good for him.

the nanny is probably about our age, and she and her partner are in the process of adopting.  so if we stick with her, there will eventually be another baby there with them.  we weren’t looking for a lesbian nanny, but we like the idea.  it isn’t hard to find two-mom families in our neighborhood and it’s even easier to find progressive families.  but considering how rare it is in the world, i’m glad it will be normalized for him.  from the beginning, he won’t be totally different, his family won’t stick out so much.

that’s what’s exciting here this week so far.  being back at work is okay — we’re really feeling the challenge of scheduling our lives together.  we realized yesterday that we sort of have to have each other’s entire schedule in our date books, in order to not overlap important things that we can’t bring nate to.  there are some things we just don’t know if we can bring nate to.  doctor appointments, stuff like that?  it’s easier on days like today, d is working, i am home, i can do my errands and make a few phone calls but primarily just be with him.  we both have studying to do now, so we’re figuring out how to have structured time to get it done.  you might call it growing pains.  it does seem like one of us is always exhausted, sometimes both.  i think having child care on fridays will be great, it will mean that even if i am not working, i can get things done.

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