Posted by: mommytoo | September 16, 2008

i’ve been meaning to ask…

what’s so wrong with blinking?  she-whose-name-cannot-be-spoken-because-i’m-so-sick-of-her-name-and-her-smarmy-little-face said the other night in her interview that you “can’t blink” when someone asks you to run with him.  and i say, why not?  is it so bad to stop and think?  if someone asked me to run for vp, i would surely blink.  and i feel pretty sure i’m smarter and better informed than that “maverick.”

on to bigger and better things.  i’ve been working the last few days – my 2nd weekend in  row! – and now i’m off for two.  d is seeing a bunch of clients today in her center city office, so nate and i are driving her there and having lunch and checking out her new digs.  she’s there once a week and i haven’t seen it yet!  after that, we’re wide open.  we might come back and take a nap, if he’s up for it, or maybe we’ll just play, go for a walk, whatever.  no exciting plans, but if it’s nice weather i’d love to spend some time outside!  it’s been a while.  my job usually feels like the opposite of being outside, in nature, where life is all around you.

tomorrow we have an appointment with the adoption social worker!  i’m not sure what happens at these meetings, but obviously it’s just a formality, which is fine, whatever.  i can’t wait to find out the date that my boy becomes legally my boy.  he’s excited, too.  right now, as i type, he is laying in his crib squealing at the sight of his mobile (which surprises and delights him every day).  i’m in the glider and i think i’m slowly rocking myself to sleep, which is not good.


  1. Enjoy your day with Nate. Hope you get to enjoy some time outside.

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