Posted by: mommytoo | September 17, 2008


today we met with the social worker (bernie), which seems to be our last stop on the way to my adopting nate.  i was nervous — even though obviously i know it’s really just a formality, i had no idea what the meeting would be like.  i wore a dress and heels and put on make-up, and nate looked especially dapper, too.  d wore jeans and a tee-shirt, i think she was a little less nervous!  we had to bring bank statements, proof of 401k, our parents’ and my sister’s names and address… i’m not sure what they’re going to do with all that information, i assume it’s because they always check it with adoptions, so it’s the same with 2nd parent adoption?  they want to make sure we have at least a little money (which is exactly what we have!) and that we came from somewhere?  have family support?  mostly it was very conversational and pleasant.  it looks like the official adoption will be on national adoption day, which is sort of surprising because we aren’t adopting a foster child or someone who needs a home.  i’m just adopting my own boy.  but it will probably be really special to be there with all those families, and i guess they want different kinds of families represented.  it sounds like it’s a special day, they have more judges than usual doing lot of adoptions and also some entertainment for the kids.

when we got home this afternoon, we had a package that we had ordered.  nate had fallen in love with his friend mattea’s @bby, mostly because there are so many pretty colors, and her dress is shiny.  sure enough, we gave him the doll and he took to her once again.  he’s fascinated.



  1. Glad the meeting today went well. Not that I was worried… I think it’s neat you’ll be making the adoption official on National Adoption Day.

  2. I know with many adoptions they also require the adoptive parent to take parenting classes (I volunteer with C*YF). At least with second-parent situations in PA, they aren’t subjecting the other mother/father to those courses.

    I am so happy for you guys. The upcoming adoption is wonderful news!!!

  3. That will be really special to be there with all those other families adopting. Nate is your little guy so it doesn’t seem like you even need to jump through the hoops, but still, it is so awesome that it will be official. Congratulations!!!

    Also, I love Abby. She looks so interesting and fun. I just got Edie a truck that she can ride on and push. On the box it says “watching your baby grow into a big boy” or something like that. Stupid gender stereotyping. Drives me crazy. The truck was way cooler than that pink blob looking thing that is “for girls.” Anyway, she loves it!

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