Posted by: mommytoo | September 18, 2008

mr. big shot!

nate had his first real day with his sitter today!  he did great.  he ate a lot, slept a lot, and played.  d dropped him off and i picked him up after work — now he’s sleeping and d should be home soon.  pizza is on its way, i’m hungry and tired and looking forward to the next 3 days off.  my mom is coming!  d has class all day tomorrow, and nate will be back with his new friend a for the morning.  i have high hopes for a few hours of independence.

so nate’s (honorary) auntie is a handbag collector, and takes care of her bags.  you know, those dust bags or whatever they’re called, her closet is perfectly neat, she’s always stylish and put together.  i believe she plans her week’s outfits on the previous weekend.  if i believed in putting my friends in boxes, i’d say she was a femme, or lipstick lesbian, or something like that.  although she likes things neat and clean, she has – and this is putting it mildly – a soft spot for nate.  i mean, the kid gets away with pooping on her crisp white shirts.  but this picture captures just how much she adores him:

neverfull by you.

there he is, in her l*uis vuitt*n ‘neverfull’ bag.  she spent months picking it out, and probably months saving for it.  i’m pretty sure she’s never had someone say “i think he just pooped in your bag,” and said “i think you might be right,” with a shrug.  also weird: he loves it in there.



  1. i love it! so cute!!! the perfect baby carrier!

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