Posted by: mommytoo | September 24, 2008


yesterday nate had a smushed-up banana.  and by “had,” i mean “covered himself with.”  we started out with a spoon, but he resisted that.  i put some on my finger, which went a little better.  then i just plopped a big pile of it on his high-chair tray, figuring he puts everything in his mouth, especially his own hands, which would soon be covered with banana.  he kept making funny faces and spitting it back out, but didn’t get too upset.  i didn’t actually think any of it would make its way to his stomach.  evidently some of it did, though, because when we were done and i was cleaning up, he threw up a lot!  he spits up all the time, but i have never seen him actually vomit.  he looked surprised.  it broke my heart a little, but it seems like a pretty normal thing, considering he’s only ever had breast milk in his little belly.

why yes, i do have pictures of the big event.

checking it out by you.

not bad! by you.

in case you’re wondering, his bib says “cute-a-saurus.”  according to d, he picked it out himself at tar.get.  one last detail of his eating escpades — afterwards i gave him a bath and put on clean clothes, and then he proceeded to take a four hour nap!  who knew bananas were so exhausting?



  1. […] nate hit 6 months, i couldn’t wait to feed him.  he had all the usual fruit and veg purees, and we gradually moved on from there.  somewhere […]

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