Posted by: mommytoo | October 2, 2008

i may have forgotten how to blog

it’s been a while.  a week, maybe?  i worked friday-saturday-sunday, and it was an especially rough few days.  hard to find time/energy to do anything when i get home, besides cuddle the boy.

then we went to nyc to celebrate the new year, 5769.  nate was a huge hit — he wore an argyle sweater to lunch on tuesday and i almost swallowed him whole.  yesterday was back to work, but now i’m off till saturday.  he slept in, which meant i slept in, and after some playtime, we went to the coffee shop, him in his big pajamas (that’s what we called footie pajamas in my family).  now he’s in his crazy new exer$aucer thing, which is ugly but delights him.  he can play forever in there!  and you know what that means: we can get stuff done.

more later… nate seems to be cranky and in need of a nap!


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