Posted by: mommytoo | October 3, 2008


d is taking nate to an obama appearance/rally at a local high school this morning — i’m staying home.  i’m totally into obama these days and have even done a bit of volunteering at our local office.  but the crowds at things like this, i could lose my mind.  d also loves post-season baseball games at our beloved yank stadium, and even though i always have a wonderful time, she has to drag me.  it’s just overwhelming.

also, the debate was really depressing and upsetting.  if you watched, this exchage should ring a bell:

jb: i am against gay marriage.
sp: me too.
gwen the moderator: great, you both agree on something.  let’s move on.
entire audience: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

they are both against equal rights for me and my family.  BIG LAUGHS ALL AROUND.  the whole rest of the night, i just wanted to squeeze nate and not let him go.  i had this weird, paranoid feeling that everyone wanted to take him from me (except d).  this issue feels more emotional for me than it ever has.  i kept saying i just wish i could sit down with obama and get an honest answer about what he thinks about gay marriage.  i want to believe that in his heart, he believes in it, but politically, he can’t go there.  i will most likely never know if i’m right, and maybe the real answer would disappoint me.  but i went to bed feeling incredibly sad, and definitely unable to attend an obama rally.  i do think it’s great that nate is going.

also — i get to go back to sleep!


  1. We had several years of huge marriage to-do here in MA from right in the time around our daughter’s conception and birth. We went to several rallies at the state house, either pregnant or with babe in arms. I so relate to that visceral fear, that nagging feeling that there are so many people out there that either think your family is evil, or a joke. I quit listening before that joke last night, but if I had heard it, it would have kept me up.

    And honestly? I think Obama is fine, and I’ll vote for him, but I do think he is against our marriages in his heart of hearts. I don’t think it’s just political expediency.

  2. i completely understand and feel the same way…

  3. i felt really…humiliated? they were so smug trying to tell me that my wife and i don’t share the same rights that they enjoy! ugh.

  4. that part of the debate was disappointing, for sure. i can’t imagine how it must make you feel.

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